E-Filing Instructions

The following are the general instructions for filling the Online Form for IEM and IL Application.

As you progress completing the Form, you may save the form as many times as you wish by pressing the Save as Draft button. In case of errors, the form will show an error message for the respective fields. You may correct the data and save the form once again to clear the error. Once form is completely filled and user clicks on Final Submit button then the Form will not be editable.

Field marked with * are mandatory and needs to be filled in before a form can be submitted on https://services.dpiit.gov.in/lms/. You may not be able to leave some of the fields blank in the Form. In case you wish not to enter data in a field, please input "NA" if it is a text/description field or a 0, if it is a numeric field. Some of the entries can accept multiple values. Clicking on "Add" button will reveal additional row to enter the data. Conversely clicking on "Delete" button will remove row added.